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Dannett Heir

Inside the Dannett Pavion the voices become high and loudly

_ My young lord you have to stay calm right now is the wiser thing to do.
- Cess to call me young lord sword master! I am Lord Dannett! By the seven!
- No you not my young Lord , Lord Dannett is your father not you
- It the same anyway now Sword master you have to obey to my order and bring to my my sword!
- Lord Dannett your Father tells me specify about this my young Lord my first command is to protect you and that include protecting you for yourself like now…

Adam Dennett walk furiously inside the pavion trying to find is sword but it is not on sigh.

- I need my sword and I need now!, Sword master! I have to avenge my people I have to slay this arrogant son of whore!
- You language young lord….
- I talk the way I like Sword master that not of your concern!
- If your word bring you trouble that my concern, If you word bring to me people with sword and who want to kill you for your word that is my concern.
- They come by the seven! I will await this band of bandit! With my sword! I need my sword I say!
The Sword Master look around try to find some help against the young lord but the guard their own await in silence, twenty years of fighting to become finally a sword maste, training young people to become right and proud sword maybe some of is student become knight a day in is hope and now he have to take care of this young man who act like a child, making himself act like a damn nanny.

After a moment the young lord calm himself in is mine a new plan have be born and that one need a bit of patience to set in place. So the he pass the balance of the day writing thing sending it by massager to all family friend and prepare himself to the diner with all the knight and member of the royal court.

Is stomach hurt a little and he decline any almost all the food his Measter bring to him. No time to eat he have to be ready.

This night the he not sleeping very well is stomach hurt a bit much and he decide to make more letter to family friend to rinse much of people in can.

The morning comes slowly and after that the supper with the knight and noble family begin.

In the middle of the diner the King begin to talk to the crews to make the tourney begin and wish good luck in the honor of the fight , at this precise moment the Young Lord interrupt the King and begin is speech…

Septon Victor

The pain growing in is feet a painful pain, walking is so rough for him specially in is news boots made for the look but never expect to have to use in a long walk to the King road.

Four days ago is poor Melody fall to the road she break one of is leg since the tragedy he have to walk to reach some place to get another horse and some indication to find the road the the Carnagee domain. Normally he take a carriage but this years he have in mind a new plan to convince Lord Carnagee, and showing the church cut some found for is travel are looking like a good idea , but right now that very not looking like that without horse and without any sense direction he is totally lost..

After the first day of is walk he cross on the road member of the House Dannett who traveling to King Landing but after he say he going to the see Lord William Carnagee the house Dannett quiet very fast and have no horse for him, so the painful walk continue one more day and a another one and another one reach some inn trying to bough a horse in vain most of all don’t have or have but use it to reach king landing faster.

The third day a man tries to sell to him is horse but this mad man ask the double of the horse prize and he refuse… and now he regret so much is answer.

Why the gods make the world so big and the road so rough for is poor feet.

On the road despite is feet some rumour reach is ear about the Carnagee House , first he think to return to King Landing and come back to see Lord William another time be more polite but a new idea came in is mind. Using this to set a church in the Carnagee Keep be a good idea after all. After all a church in is keep give to all a proof of honour and generosity of the Carnagee house and lift the doubt of this mad thing people put in the back of the house.

_ The fourth day the gods bless is path and he find members of the Carnagee house traveling to King Landing for the tourney , three of the child Carnagee with a Maeter, two Knight and a bunch of guards. The members of the house take him with us to King Landing taking place in the carriage with the older daughter Lord William. Talking with her to the situation and asking about the rumour he make surely is point and maybe soon a church will rise at the Carnagee Domain he hope after all the sake of lot of people._

The Fox Knight

The sun rising behind the mountain and the god ray giving the first light of the under the small village called by small folk Mountain Mill a Dannett House farmer mill. Standing on a hill in the path of the rising sun a group of mount swordsmen waiting until one of them their commander with a single move of is hand gives the order to begin the blood bath, this man wears a good piece of steel and on is shoulder a mantle made with fox skin.

some sellsword with him doubt about what they will do but nobody have courage to say a single word in front of him, some whispering is mad and what he will do right now let no doubt about the sadly truth ,maybe he is but someday people will understand what he will do here.

In the pass He was served the house Targaryen without doubt he swing sword for the greatness of the Dragon blood. After the traitor Robert Barathon by the hand of is lackey the King slayer Jaime Lannister kill the beloved King he continue the fight to put the heir of Aerys on the throne helping the young Viserys heir of the Targaryen house and is little sister Daenarys to stay alive by running away to the other side of the narrow Sea.

spayed of blood fly up the first but not the last
- Made Squirted the Blood of this bunch of traitor! He says after the first swing of it bastard sword strait to the neck of an unfortunate farmer boy.

The Sellswords around him do the same and people without any possibility to defend their life or home try to do it with farmer pick and sap and hit the ground one after another in a mess of blood and fresh.

Until the return of the Tagaryen blood of the iron throne killing people who betray the Targaryen house are be is pleasure to him and this people he slayed here are of this kind a bunch of vile traitor who deserve no mercy.

With is sellsword the job was done quickly and all the farmer, women and children fall to the dust and never rise again. The last part of the job have to be done so he set the old shield close to the carnage the shield who have the herald of on of the lannnister banner.

The night coming fast over this day, the Knight and is Sellsword take a rest close to a small road linking to the King Road. For all the men who come with him to make this duty done only one show some respect and be remember serving the house Tagaryen so the other have no right to stay alive and that the thinking he have in mind before and after in slayer all sellsword in the middle of the night with a edged dagger a single move of the steel to their throat for each of their.

After this he awakes the only survivor of the butchery and informs him about is loyal service to the great Tragaren House span is life. The man keep is cold blood in front of him like a truth man, the money for is dead friend come to him the last one who take the road soon after to king landing.

The Fox Knight keep looking of the man until he disappear far on the road taking a moment to thinking about what he was do and what he have to do after that. Because that is just the begin so much work have to be done, soon the Dragon rise again and watelos take is knees in front of is true king.


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