Ser Bartram Knight of the Old rock

Ser Bartram is an able knight despite his relatively advanced age


Ser Bartram is a headstrong man in his fifties. Legend says that he defended Old Rock for principle alone and not because Ser Huldur had given him any offence. During their battle, which happened in a mountain pass, Bartram fought one by one the men at arms of Ser Huldur of Muk and then fought the knight himself until he yielded. When the knights of of House Cairnagee arrived, they found Bartram sitting on Ser Huldur, who was bound in his armor and now served as a bench. Soon after these events, Lord Cairnagee named Bartram Knight of the Old Rock, nevertheless many call him Ser Bartram The Sitting Knight, though not to his face.


Ser Bartram Knight of the Old rock

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