Blake Cairnagee

An attractive young man who does not think playing the Game of Thrones precludes him from having some fun.



Agility: 3
Animal Handling: 3
Athletics: 3
Awareness: 4 (Empathy 1B)
Cunning: 3
Deception: 4 (Bluff 1B)
Endurance: 3
Fighting: 4 (Long Blades 2B, Spears 1B)
Healing: 2
Language: 4
Knowledge: 2
Marksmanship: 2
Persuasion: 5 (Charm 1B, Seduce 2B)
Status: 3
Stealth: 1
Survival: 2
Thievery: 1
Warfare: 3
Will: 3


Destiny Points: 1



Flaw (Survival)

Game Attributes

Awareness 4 / 16 Base
Intrigue Defense 10 / Composure 9
Movement 4 (3) / Sprint 16(14)
Combat Defense 10 (+2 with Left Hand Dagger, +4 with Large Shield, -3 with Scale Armor) / Armor Rating 6
Health 9

Castle-Forged Longsword 4D + 1 + 2B / 4 Damage
Castle-Forged Lance 4D + 1 / 7 Damage


Castle-Forged Longsword, Castle-Forged Lance, Left Hand DaggerScale Mail, Large Shield, Coursier, Noble Outfit (210 ss), 70 silver stags.


Goal: Security
Motivation: Fear

Virtue: Loyalty
Vice: Licentious

Born the second son and child of Lord Cairnagee, Blake has always led a comfortable life. Sharing many similar traits with his father, unlike his older brother, Blake likes to see him self as the poster boy for House Cairnagee, with his dashing good looks and charming demeanor. His carefree lifestyle somewhat changed when reality came knocking at the age of fifteen. Blake was visiting Lannisport with his father on the fateful day the Lannister fleet was burned and sunk by the Greyjoys. In less then an hour, a force dwarfing that of the Cairnagee’s own was annihilated, while the sailors crewing the ships shrieked in agony from the flames. It was an image that stuck in the young Blake Cairnagee’s mind and it was also a lesson he took to heart. No matter the power or wealth you have, there is always a threat and something similar could happen to House Cairnagee. No one could protect fully against all eventualities, but one could strive to minimize the risks.

As Blake grew, he began chasing after girls, much like his father. With his good look, confidence and natura charml, he found such a thing rather easy. Form week to week he would have a different paramour. These affairs amused some, but made many others resentful of the young man. Yet, Blake, remembering the lesson of the burnt fleet at Lannisport, took care not to anger anyone important enough to threaten his family. Nevertheless, he became bolder with each conquest, until finally he set his eye on a lovely young noble lady, barely his junior. Lainey Algood fell in love with him, as many had before, but her young brother, Ambrose, had learnt of Blake’s reputation and one night, while they were together, he attacked. Blake, being a few years older, was more skilled with the blade but loath to harm the youth. As he tried to disarm the young Ambrose Algood while avoiding any injuries, Lainey suddenly moved between the two combattants, begging them to stop. Ambrose was already thrusting when his sister replaced his foe and a moment later he was cradling his dying sister in his arms, while Blake desperately sought some help. After Lainey’s death, the whole thing was was brushed aside as an unfortunate incident and Blake was made to understand he was unwelcomed in Algood lands. For Ambrose this was not enough and believing Blake to be responsable for his sister’s death, Ambrose vowed he would bring Blake Cairnagee to justice, by killing him one day.

Blake Cairnagee

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