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Dannett Heir

Inside the Dannett Pavion the voices become high and loudly

_ My young lord you have to stay calm right now is the wiser thing to do.
- Cess to call me young lord sword master! I am Lord Dannett! By the seven!
- No you not my young Lord , Lord Dannett is your father not you
- It the same anyway now Sword master you have to obey to my order and bring to my my sword!
- Lord Dannett your Father tells me specify about this my young Lord my first command is to protect you and that include protecting you for yourself like now…

Adam Dennett walk furiously inside the pavion trying to find is sword but it is not on sigh.

- I need my sword and I need now!, Sword master! I have to avenge my people I have to slay this arrogant son of whore!
- You language young lord….
- I talk the way I like Sword master that not of your concern!
- If your word bring you trouble that my concern, If you word bring to me people with sword and who want to kill you for your word that is my concern.
- They come by the seven! I will await this band of bandit! With my sword! I need my sword I say!
The Sword Master look around try to find some help against the young lord but the guard their own await in silence, twenty years of fighting to become finally a sword maste, training young people to become right and proud sword maybe some of is student become knight a day in is hope and now he have to take care of this young man who act like a child, making himself act like a damn nanny.

After a moment the young lord calm himself in is mine a new plan have be born and that one need a bit of patience to set in place. So the he pass the balance of the day writing thing sending it by massager to all family friend and prepare himself to the diner with all the knight and member of the royal court.

Is stomach hurt a little and he decline any almost all the food his Measter bring to him. No time to eat he have to be ready.

This night the he not sleeping very well is stomach hurt a bit much and he decide to make more letter to family friend to rinse much of people in can.

The morning comes slowly and after that the supper with the knight and noble family begin.

In the middle of the diner the King begin to talk to the crews to make the tourney begin and wish good luck in the honor of the fight , at this precise moment the Young Lord interrupt the King and begin is speech…



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